As you can imagine, the experience of acquiring food to eat at a later time can bring about a whole host of challenges for your loved one, depending on their prior relationship or in some cases, lack thereof, with this otherwise normal ritual. Here are some tips your loved one might be abiding to in their new grocery shopping experience and ones you might try incorporating into your household to help support their goals:

  • Practice flexibility by changing up brands of the same product regularly.
  • Include a variety of the same food: (eg. white rice, brown rice, wild rice)
  • Invite your family member to go to the grocery store with you occasionally.
  • Avoid reading food labels (unless you have a food allergy!)
  • Be conscious of keeping “diet” food out of the house: Ex. “Skinny” ice cream.
  • Avoid purchasing specifically non-fat foods: skim milk/non-fat yogurt.

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