Advocacy and Awareness

Though the general understanding of eating disorders has come a long way in recent years, all spectrums of the illness remain to be largely misunderstood by those who have not been closely impacted by the disorder. Though it’s important for a person to first establish a base level of healing and recovery, helping empower the journey of others by getting involved in an advocacy or awareness setting can be very healing in and of itself.

Many people in recovery find that advocacy provides an outlet for their voice as well as a source of accountability in continued healing. Whether you’re advocating for policy change on capitol hill or connecting through social media campaigns, advocacy and awareness efforts ultimately connect you with a community that shares the powerful experience of battling the many life layers that the eating disorder affects and experiencing the journey to recovery. See how you and your loved one can share your journey of recovery with others by getting involved in the organizations described in this section.


Our Mission

Providing critical resources and support to those navigating a loved one's path to full recovery from an eating disorder