Family Self Care

While your loved one is in their eating disorder, it is easy to identify with the pain, distress and discomfort you experience alongside them. That experience might have felt out of your control and created a sense of helplessness. While your loved one works actively into their recovery, you have an opportunity to create a parallel experience of recovery. There are a couple of differences in the simultaneous recovery experience versus the simultaneous experience of the eating disorder.

First, you find yourself in choice to shift away from the feeling of helplessness towards an empowered feeling of actively working on the circumstances and behaviors that you do have the power to change. Additionally, in the process of recovery, you work on your own healing independently of the choices your loved one makes.

Though detaching from the outcome of the work the person with the eating disorder is doing seems counterintuitive, it converts you into a strong resource for them. When you are able to practice self-care you can offer support from a place of stability.


Our Mission

Providing critical resources and support to those navigating a loved one's path to full recovery from an eating disorder