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Eating disorders are complex illnesses that can be easily and detrimentally misdiagnosed by the untrained eye. There are physicians who are trained to work in conjunction with an individual’s treatment team to address the very threatening medical components a person with an eating disorder faces.



  • Dear Doctor: Your patient has an eating disorder. Gwyneth Olwyn, founder of ED Institute  “Guide to help educate and avoid misdiagnosis”
  • Anorexia’s Hidden Toll: The Heart Fails Dr. T. Jaren Brunch  “…four broad patterns in which the heart is affected with both short- and long-term exposure to anorexia nervosa..”
  • But My Labs are Normal! Chrissy Stockert, RN, addresses the common misconception that an individual with seemingly normal lab work is not in need of medical management for their eating disorder.
  • The Deadliest Disorder R. Douglas Fields. Medical complications. “His very low weight raised such concern from his coach and parents that they compelled him to see a doctor. He denied that he had any problem. I asked her, if she were looking only at his medical records and did not suspect that he had an eating disorder, what would the medical profile suggest? “Infectious hepatitis, or cancer,” she said.”

Medical Complications of Eating Disorders: A webinar for family support

In this hour long webinar  webinar Dr. Joel Jahraus, MD, FAED, CEDS speaks to various complex complications that arise from the perspective of a physician specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. It gives not only parents or spouses additional support around the holidays, but aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents and other significant family members.

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